The OHI GmbH (called OHI in the following text) offers professional education, career development and further training to people with the ambition to improve the quality of people´s lives.


The OHI mission

To prepare for the working world of today and tomorrow health professionals such as Opticians and Audiologists need to receive an optimal education based on the latest scientific and technological knowledge.

The OHI GmbH facilitates this responsibly providing state of the art professional education with the help of 44 trainers, consisting of optometrists, opticians, audiologists, doctors and orthoptists. Several Optometrist trainers and lecturers have completed postgraduate studies and been awarded Master of Science degrees in clinical Optometry from the Donau-University, Austria.

Furthermore, the OHI introduced a suite of eLearning modules to support ongoing professional education and students enrolled in the courses. These modules deepen and facilitate the acquisition of knowledge. All course participants are able to use these free of charge.

Our mission is the devoted passing on of knowledge on eye level in the adult education.
We fulfill this job for three interested parties: for companies, for public facilities and of course most essentially for those people who have chosen an education to become an Optician and/or an Audiologist. Excellent career prospects exist in both occupations, due to the current lack of specialist in both fields.


The guiding principles

The OHI – the abbreviation for optometry & hearing acoustics initiative – is a profession-specific, future oriented and highly competitive company for educational services in ocular optics, optometry and hearing acoustics. The managers and trainers have successfully been active in the field of relevant professional education for more than ten years.
The focus of the OHI lies in the adult education, tailoring the offer to support those who already have joined the workforce or are interested in a change of careers. Therefore, the courses and advanced training modules of the OHI are optimized and arranged to be work accompanying.

All education contents are processed specifically for the target group. The individual courses have the aim to best prepare the participants for the professional final examination or examination for the master’s certificate. The trainers in the OHI strive to provide an optimal climate for knowledge transfer and to empower and support the course participants. Another essential aim of the OHI is to convey maximal joy while compiling the knowledge. The mix of participents from all age groups, social backgrounds and cultures is very helpfully accomplishing these goals. Furthermore, gender equal treatment and equal opportunities are absolutely guaranteed.

Given the passing on of current knowledge and a wide variety of content the talks and practice units are expected to prepare participants of the ocular optics and hearing acoustic courses well for today’s job market after passing the final examinations.


The OHI courses

Currently the following courses are offered

  • Preparation course for the final apprenticeship examination ophthalmic optician
  • Preparation course for the master examination ophthalmic optician
  • Preparation course for the final apprenticeship examination hearing-aid acoustician
  • Preparation course for the master examination hearing-aid acoustician
  • Intense workshop in examination of vision and refraction
  • Intense workshop in contact lenses assistance
  • Intense workshop for modifying of individual earmolds
  • Intense workshop English for ophthalmic opticianss
  • Yearly symposium OHI UPDATE

All courses are provided work accompanying.